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Special Property Management

Administration of individual free-hold apartments is directed to property owners of individual apartments inside a tenant-occpupied block of apartments.

  • For rented units, owners can employ our administration and assign us with the so called ‘Special Property Management’

    Detailed tasks that the administration takes then over are the following:

  • Rent accounting and collection of charges and other user fees on the due dates

    Control of incoming payments to invoice processing, Enforcement of agreed rent increases if the amount of increase is directly determined by the tenancy agreement and pay the legally allowable operating costs

  • Payment transactions

    Handle all kinds of payment transactions: from billing and monitoring of incoming payments to issuing final invoices (e.g. residence allowance, property tax, etc.)

  • Maintenance and Optimization

    Closing of maintenance contracts with appropriate specialist companies, such as maintenance of the distributed water heating system / gas heating, the water heater, the apartment's own heating lines or drain pipes. Initiation and monitoring of all required ongoing maintenance and repair work.

    Tendering and procurement of necessary maintenance and repair work up to a height of 500.00 € (varying by arrangement / management agreement with the owner) to suitable tradesmen and acceptance of the works and auditing.

  • Representation of the owner against the tenant and handling of correspondence

    Accounting of operational costs against the tenant according to the effective date of the annual bill that is set by resolution of the owners' meetings. Termination of rent contracts only after consultation or consent of the owner, receipt of rent termination notices.

  • The services enlisted above performed by the administrator are usually settled according to a contractual agreement and a fixed price table. This well-defined workload guarantees appropriate and professional administration of the matters of the property owner according to legislative provisions.

    The ImmoTaxx property administration is willing and has the necessary capacities to provide the owner with comprehensive information regarding the property and its preservation of value.

    The above service portfolio includes a fairly detailed but not exhaustive list of services that we provide in the course of our Special Property Management. If you are interested in our services, please request a noncommittal offer or contact us by E-Mail. We will then revert to you at short notice.


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