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Terms and Conditions

The following translation of the German version is offered as an aid for English speaking customers. In case of any inconsistencies, however, the German AGBs (TORs) apply and take precedence over this translation.

Das folgende ist eine Übersetzung der deutschen Version und wird als Hilfe für Englisch sprechende Kunden angeboten. Im Falle etwaiger Unstimmigkeiten geltten jedoch die deutschen AGBs und haben Vorrang gegenüber dieser Übersetzung.


(1) The business purpose is the identification and placement of developed and undeveloped properties of all kinds, residential and commercial buildings, and residential and commercial spaces.

(2) The information contained in our offers are based on information provided to us by partners. We strive to provide the most complete and accurate information about objects and contractors; but unfortunately we cannot provide absolute liability for the accuracy and completeness of the information. Liability is therefore excluded for all possible cases to the full extent allowed by law.

(3) The placement and financial offers are non-binding for us. In particular, we reserve us the right to give out preliminary information and cannot exclude mistakes. Errors and interim utilization are therefore expressly reserved with regard to all offers and information. Offers made to a client are intended for the recipient to be treated as confidential and may not be shared with others without prior written consent.

(4) If the subject property is already known to the offeree, he/she must promptly inform us, i.e. no later than three days from receipt of our offer. Should the offeree fail to do so and enter subsequently into a contract concerning this property, a causal connection shall be deemed to have been irrefutably established between the broker's efforts and the transaction. In this case, the offeree shall be required to pay a commission in the amount set forth in the applicable offer (s. following section). The offeree may not deny this claims, which also applies in case of a compulsory sale or auction. 

(5) The commission shall be paid by the purchaser or transferee of the right or tenant or tenants in all cases and is not included in the price. It amounts, unless otherwise specified or agreed, 7.14% of the total purchase price incl. VAT, which currently amounts to 19%.

(6) The entitlement to commission arises when successful placement is achieved. The entitlement to commission also arises if the contract is concluded under conditions that deviate from the original offer.

(7) For the provision of operating leases, leasing contracts, license agreements and similar contracts as well as for the proof of the opportunity to conclude such contracts, the tenant, lessee or beneficial owner has to pay a commission of 3% of the lease amount or rental sum

(8) For the provision of operating leases, leasing contracts, license agreements and similar contracts as well as for the proof of the opportunity to conclude such contracts, the tenant, lessee or beneficial owner has to pay a commission of 3% of the lease amount or rental sum that results of the total sum of a minimum of 5 years of the contract period and a maximum of 10 years of the contract period, excl. VAT. Additional options agreed in favor of the debtor will be included in the calculation of the commission for the lease period. The additionally agreed options oblige to a correspondingly increased commission payment regardless of whether the options are to be implemented or exercised in the future or at the time of conclusion of the contract.

(9) Upon completion of the contract agreed extensions or renewals of the contract are also subject to the commission, unless the total period of the contract does not exceed duration of 10 years. Priority is given to individually agreed commission details with the interested parties.

(10) Unless otherwise agreed, rentals of residential space will be based on the usual local commission scheme, being the double amount of the agreed lease net cold month's rent, excl. VAT.

(11) The commission is payable at the time of the conclusion of a proven / offered business. Subsequent amendments to the contract - in particular contractual planned contract cancellations have no influence on the commission claim.

(12) In granting a preemptive purchase right, leasehold, a hereditary leasing right, a rent or a lease, the normal rates apply as agreed.

(13) If any contracts of any nature whatsoever, but especially contracts that economically give the offeree the power of disposition or use of the item, are concluded on the properties that were designated by us, the process is definitely in any case commissionable.

(14) If the recipient of this offer directly contacts the seller or agent, our company is to be informed. No later than upon completion of the purchase or lease contract, our company is to be consulted; otherwise we will claim for damages in the amount of the usual local or agreed commission.

(15) We are allowed an activity for the other party of the contract as well.

(16) Besides the written offer no additional or side agreements or assurances have been made. Differing agreements are only valid if confirmed in writing.

(17) Violations of the aforementioned contract obligations give rise to liability for damages in the amount of the commission owed.

(18) If individual provisions are invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. The invalid provision shall be replaced by a valid ones that best correspond to the economical purpose of the invalid provisions.

(19) Place of jurisdiction and performance for all claims arising from this contract is Berlin.

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